The Alaska Avalanche Store

Our Alaska Avalanche Store currently includes our own avalanche fieldbooks.

To order, just drop us an e-mail or text  and let us know what you want. We accept payment by credit card, and can usually get books to destinations in the US within a few days to a week.

Sorry, our former printer for the spiral bound fieldbooks has raised their minimum beyond what we can afford, and we can't find another who can print them so they can sell at an affordable price. If you know a likely printer, let us know!   

So all we have in stock are the remaining looseleaf pages and binders; let us know if you need those.

The Alaska Avalanche Fieldbook

Fieldbooks in use, Valdez.

First test edition of The Alaska Avalanche Fieldbook, Valdez, Alaska, 2003. Photo © Kent Scheler.

None of the fieldbooks out there quite met our standards, so we had our own books printed up by Rite in the Rain® for our fieldwork and courses. They are fully compliant with the American Avalanche Association's SWAG observations guidelines, and contain key pages that are essentially cheat sheets for taking notes, evaluating snow, decision-making, terrain analysis, and emergency medicine.

We have put enough time into refining these books over years of use and revision that they get their own page with full details.

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