About Alaska Avalanche Specialists

Alaska Avalanche Specialists, LLC. is a Juneau, Alaska-based international earth science consulting company that specializes in all phases of avalanche work, including education, recreation, transportation, and industrial consulting. Our avalanche capabilities include risk analysis, mapping, planning, operational and structural mitigation, project management, program operations, education, training, artificial release including helicopter and hand blasting, and research.

Ours is the only full time, year-round avalanche consulting business in Alaska. We have the years of professional experience necessary for all types of avalanche work. Our lead forecasters and project specialists all have a minimum of ten years’ experience in the field, and our assistants all go through a rigorous apprenticeship that trains them to the highest standards. We regularly draw on and work closely with North America’s top avalanche dynamics engineers, including Mears and Wilbur and Dave McClung.

Our work comes to us from our professional reputation, mostly through personal contacts and word of mouth, but we have added additional information on our consulting services for our friends and clients.

The Alaska Avalanche Store

As sidelines to our consulting business, we have two associated retail operations. We developed our own fieldbook  to help us in our work, and sell those through    The Alaska Avalanche Store. Unfortunately, we have recently been unable to find printers willing to do the small print runs we needed for the spiral-bound version, but you can write to us to order the looseleaf version.   

Alaska Windjammer Kites

We started snowkiting as an activity for our off-duty crew, and are now loving water kiteboarding as well. Alaska Windjammer Kites is our kite school and shop. We focus on and stock our favorite Ozone kites, Xenon boards, and Da Kine harnesses; and we can order gear from most other lines, including DaKine, Airush, Cabrinha, Naish, and Slingshot. Drop us an e-mail to buy these items from us online. The About Kiting page gives you all the information you need to learn what kiting is, how you can learn, where you can do it here, and more.



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